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This article describes the first time login process on a new, College-issued Mac.
How to connect to network printers using Mac OS X
General tips for backing up your data - a good practice for security, accidental water spills, and moving to a new computer.
This article explains how to connect Middlebury-owned and managed MacOS devices to Secure Storage hosted on Sharepoint.
This article shares information about the latest Apple and Windows operating systems, including resource links and details about any known issues.
This article describes the pros and cons of Mac vs Windows computers.
This article contains tips and instructions on how to back up files and settings on Apple (Mac) computers to prepare for a new computer and for protection in case of accidents.
Install fonts on Mac.
How to use your Mac laptop with external displays with a closed lid.
This article contains information about how to save frequently-used websites so you can easily revisit them. These saved websites are called Bookmarks or Favorites, depending on the web browser you use.
Projecting with AppleTV
The instructions in this article explain how to create a new profile in Microsoft Outlook for both Windows and Mac.
This article explains how to find your OS (operating system) version on a PC or Mac computer.