MIcommunity is a private digital network for the Middlebury Institute community. In it, incoming students (admitted prospects and beyond) can connect with other incoming students, current students, career and academic advisers, as well as some faculty members. 


How to Connect to MIcommunity

Please visit the page about MIcommunity for the login link and more information. Use your middlebury.edu account to log in, if you have one. This applies to all current students, Otherwise use your personal email for login.

How to Get Help

For login with middlebury.edu addresses, please contact the Middlebury Help Desk. You may click on the support link here, but otherwise are advised to check out the many ways to reach us per our Helpdesk page. (Our Zoom room is an excellent option as it allows for screen sharing.)

For login with a personal email address or other questions, please use the micommunity@middlebury.edu address for assistance.

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MIcommunity is the private social network for the Institute.