Registration Tips for Students

Technology tips for successful registration.

The Basics

  • Prepare

    • Using the email from the Registrar’s Office, plan out your registration and confirm that you can log in

    • Update computer/browser if needed

    • More information

  • Day of

    • Reboot your computer

    • Clear cache & cookies from your web browser

    • More information

  • Getting Help

    • Problems signing in - call the Helpdesk at 802-443-2200

    • Problems with course selection & submission - contact the Registrar…

    • More information

The Details


Computer, browser & Internet connection are requirements for course registration. While many operating systems and browsers may work for course registration, having a computer with a current version of macOS or Windows and a popular web browser that is updated is strongly recommended. A fast, reliable Internet connection is preferred if available. On campus, the MiddleburyCollege Wi-Fi network is the fast, reliable, and readily accessible option that is fully supported by ITS. Please see our Wi-Fi documentation or reach out to the Helpdesk if you need assistance connecting prior to registration day. 

Please follow guidance from the Registrar for course registration preparation.


Day of registration

Reboot your computer:
Although this is not required, periodic computer reboots are recommended to keep things running smoothly.


Clear web browser cache & cookies:
Incomplete logout or an unattended timeout from a previous session may result in the sign-in error screens shown below. Clearing the cache and cookies from your web browser BEFORE registration can prevent unnecessary delays in getting signed in. We recommend that you clear cache/cookies in advance and/or if you encounter the sign-in errors below (rather than the normal Middlebury single sign-on).


Errors

Single Sign-On Failed errorBanner Login denied message referencing username and password


Normal Middlebury Single Sign-on

Middlebury's Single Sign-on login


Getting Help

For login and related technology issues the ITS Helpdesk opens shortly before registration begins to check email and respond to your calls (802-443-2200). Self help hints for many technology issues may be found at the Technology Client Portal where you may look up questions in our Knowledge Base and submit tickets based on the service you need help with. More about Helpdesk contact methods, the Technology Client Portal and open hours can be found on the Helpdesk website.


For general information, see the Registrar’s page for videos and tips.


For course registration assistance and submission of your registration once logged in, please reach out directly to the Registrar. (802-443-5770 or

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