Computer Distribution

What Is This Service?

The computer distribution service is available for any full time Middlebury employee who needs a computer for their work. All machines to which this service applies will receive a proactive replacement, funded by ITS, every 4-5 years depending on the computer. For more information on our policy, please see here.

Who Is Eligible For This Service?

ITS provides and proactively upgrades the following categories of computers:

  • Full time faculty and staff computers
  • Classroom computers
  • Lab computers
  • Public computers

For new employees, ITS requests two weeks notice to prepare standard model equipment.

How Do I Learn About This Service?

  • Standard computers models for faculty and staff
  • Zero touch computer deployment user guides
  • Installing software on your new computer
  • Computing equipment policy

How Do I Get Help?

ITS provides full support for any Middlebury purchased hardware. Including repair and early replacement when necessary. All computing equipment is purchased with a three year, full coverage warranty.

To request computer repair, please see here.

For inquiries related to your computer replacement, please request support on this page.

Request support

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