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What is this Service?

Omeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections. As a web application, it allows users to publish and exhibit cultural heritage objects, and extend its functionality with themes and plugins. A lightweight solution in comparison to traditional institutional repository software like DSpace and Fedora, Omeka has a focus on display and uses an unqualified Dublin Core metadata standard. 

Who is Eligible for this Service?

Important Status Note: Middlebury's locally-hosted service is being sunsetted. No new sites will be provisioned.

- is a commercial hosting service for Omeka that provides a single-site free trial plan with limited themes and plugins as well as paid plans.
- Omeka is one of the tools that can be installed self-service in MiddCreate. Please note that MiddCreate is self-managed hosting provided through a vendor (Reclaim Hosting) and ITS does not provide assistance with it. If you have questions about MiddCreate and using it as a potential Omeka hosting option please reach out to our colleagues in DLINQ at

How Do I Get Help?

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