Ensuring that physical classrooms, specialized learning environments, and virtual learning environments (e.g., immersive learning, augmented reality) are suitably equipped and functional to meet the needs of the education experience.

Services (9)

Classroom Technology

Classroom technology includes the hardware and software available in classrooms and computer labs across the MIIS and Middlebury campuses.

Concerto (concerto.middlebury.edu)

Concerto was an image and audio repository allowing for private and public sharing, and cataloging of media. (sunset)

GitHub for EDU (github.com)

GitHub is a web-based code management system. GitHub for EDU is a program offered by GitHub that provides students and instructors with free or discounted 3rd party tools like app hosting and continuous integration services. Additionally, it allows instructors to create GitHub Classroom spaces for assignments and classroom collaboration.

Linux Computing Support

Linux is an open source computer and server operating systems used for many academic computational purposes.

MediaWiki (mediawiki.middlebury.edu)

MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia, allows users to collaboratively edit web content in a site referred to as a “wiki”.

Omeka (omeka.middlebury.edu)

Omeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections

Virtual and Remote Desktops

Service related to any virtualized desktop computing environment or remotely accessed desktops. Includes Apporto, Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure Lab Services and and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) related support

WordPress (sites.middlebury.edu)

The sites.middlebury.edu network provides WordPress site creation and hosting to the Middlebury community for course or personal use.

WordPress (sites.miis.edu)

The sites.miis.edu network provides WordPress site creation and hosting capabilities to the Middlebury Institute community for course or personal use.