Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What Is This Service?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows for access to a private network from outside of that private network's perimeter. This means that off-campus Middlebury users can access services which are on the Middlebury network (but not exposed to the Internet) by connecting to our VPN service.

Middlebury's VPN service uses a "split tunnel", which means that only requests to our domain go through the VPN tunnel - all other network traffic goes directly through to the source and does not use the Middlebury VPN.

Who Is Eligible For This Service?

Middlebury faculty, staff and students are available to use Middlebury's VPN service if they have a legitimate need. VPN access must be requested using by submitting a request via the link on this page.

How Do I Learn About This Service?

More information is available at

How Do I Get Help?

To request support, submit a service request using the link on this page.

Request VPN Support

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