Canvas Co-Curricular Site

If you need a Canvas site for a co-curricular program, workgroup, or other purpose, submit a Help Desk support ticket. Be sure to include the following information in ticket details:

  • Subject: Canvas Co-Curricular Site for [insert details]
  • Description: enter important request including those suggested below:
    • Desired name for Canvas Site: [enter Canvas site name including term; e.g.
      “2020-22 Sustainability Working Group”
    • People in addition to yourself who will require access to the Canvas site field: [enter names of people with Middlebury emails who should have editing access]
    • Term or Duration of Canvas site: [enter academic term (e.g. Spring 2020) or start end dates if any for site]
    • Timeframe: [Specify deadline by which your project/idea needs to be implemented.]
    • Additional notes: e.g. need for content import from another site
  • Canvas Course URL: [Leave blank, or if content import needed from other site, insert link to Canvas site]
Request Co-Curricular Site Support


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