New CCO Student Account Setup

Welcome to Champlain College! Please start with the link below to view the steps you'll need for getting started with your online program:

Congratulations and Welcome to Champlain College! | Champlain College Online

As you complete these steps, here are a few guided processes for IT resources:

Step 1: Champlain Account Activation

Activate your Champlain account: Account Activation Process

Step 2: Browser Profile (to separate Champlain and Personal accounts)

If you use Chrome with a personal Google account (e.g. - follow the article below to set up a separate profile. This will prevent confusion on our systems between your accounts, and ensure you don't encounter any errors related to using the wrong account:

Google Chrome profile setup

Otherwise, you may also decide to use one browser for your personal account(s), and a different one for your Champlain account (ex: Firefox for personal, Chrome for Champlain)

Step 3: Student Email Setup

Log into your Champlain Email (Gmail) account in your Champlain profile or a private window:

Champlain Student Email

Step 4: Enable 2-Factor Authentication

A requirement for all student accounts is to have 2-Factor Authentication enabled. This is an extra security feature that confirms who is actually logging in, via a text message, app code, or other method.

Please follow the steps in this article, linked here, to set this up. You must enable this feature within the first 2 weeks of gaining access to your account, to avoid being locked out.

Step 5: Check email account for next steps

Once logged into your Student Emails, double-check for any messages from your Academic Advisor or Champlain Online - these will likely contain more info about what you need to complete for your Online experience. 

Step 6: Access Canvas (Online Classroom)

Also in the Champlain profile or a private window, check that you can log into Canvas. This is our online classroom and is where all your coursework will be held. Click Here to access Canvas, and make sure to use the Google option when logging in:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 6: Student Portal & Other Resources

Navigate to the CCO Current Students portal, linked hereBookmark this page for future reference - it contains all the quick links and resources that you might need as an Online student.

If you have any questions after completing these steps, please reach out through a support request on this website, or call us at (802) 860-2710

If you have further questions about anything else (registration, financial aid, billing, etc) please reach out to your Academic Advisor or Compass Student Services


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