Curated Event Calendar List

The Curated Event Calendar List component allows you to display a list of events from the Event Calendar in any order you choose. This is helpful if you want to show past events tied to a multi-day symposium, upcoming workshops offered by multiple offices, or any other case where you want full control over the events shown. You can also enter a title for your event list and a "call to action" link which you can use to help users get to more information about your events. The image below shows how these appear when viewing the list.

A screenshot of a curated event list showing the placement of the title and call to action.

Adding Events

To add events to the list, begin typing in the Events field. You will see a list of events from the Event Calendar matching your search. The letters and numbers at the end of the event name are an internal identifier that will be used to communicate with the Event Calendar to get updates about the event. This will not be shown publicly. Select the event from the list you'd like to include. Click the "Add another item" button if you would like to add more events to the list. Use the crosshair icon on the left to drag the events into the order you want them to appear on the page.



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