Content management systems, portals, web hosting, web analytics, user experience design, and URL management. Also includes website and mobile application development.

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Middlebury Websites (

The infrastructure and functionality of our public websites at, which use Drupal as a content management system. This includes our institutional site as well as our schools sites at /college, /institute, /language-schools, /school-english, /schools-abroad, and /writers-conferences.

GO (,

GO is a URL shortening service that provides memorable, editable permalinks for your web resources.

Omeka (

Omeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections. As a web application, it allows users to publish and exhibit cultural heritage objects, and extend its functionality with themes and plugins.

Directory (,

The Directory can be used to search for contact information of people at Middlebury.

WordPress (,

Middlebury operates two self-service instances of WordPress, and, which you may use to set up a blog or website for your course, office, or personal expression.

GitHub (

Middlebury has subscribed to the GitHub Education Campus Program which provides GitHub's software development and version control tools for students and instructors.

Google Analytics (

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google which collects information about a website’s usage trends. Google Analytics shows you how people find your site, how they explore it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience.