RSS Feed

The RSS Feed component can be used to show a list of content from another website. RSS feeds are file provided by some websites that include lists of content from their site. The list is updated periodically and new content added will automatically appear in the RSS Feed component. The Title and Blurb fields of the RSS component work as they do in similar components. The Link field works as Call to Action links work elsewhere. You can use the Link field to provide a "View All" link to the site to view their list of content.

Feed URL

To find an RSS feed URL look for this icon on a site:

An RSS feed icon

Right click on the icon and select "Copy Link". You can then paste that into the "Feed URL" feed on this component.

However, many sites don't have an RSS icon on them. To discover if a page contains an RSS feed, right click on it and select "View Page Source", then search the source for "RSS". You may find something like this:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="" href="" />

The contents of the "href=" is the URL you want to use in the Feed URL field.


  • Show full item text; otherwise just show link to item: Some RSS feed will contain a text description of the content, or even the full article content. You can leave this box checked to show that text. Otherwise, just the title of the article will be shown, linking to the content on its original site.
  • Show images in items: Some RSS feeds contain image enclosures. This is more rare that including the article text, but some site support it. If the RSS feed contains these image enclosures, you can leave this checkbox checked to show the images.


Article ID: 236
Tue 2/15/22 4:49 PM
Thu 2/17/22 10:43 AM