Titles and Teaser Blurbs

All content types have a required title field and a teaser section which allows editors to define how the content will appear when aggregated and shown in lists.

A screenshot of the editing interface for title and teaser fields in Drupal.


The Title field is required and is used in a variety of locations.

  • It appears in the browser tab.
  • It appears at the top of your page.
  • It appears in breadcrumbs.
  • It is the name that appears in any “listing” view, like search results and tag pages.
  • By default, it will dictate the URL string of the page (see URL path settings).
  • If you decide to add the page to the menu, it will be listed as the default link text in the menu (see Menu settings)

If you are looking for more information on the Title, please read our best practices for page titles and meta descriptions.


Below the Title on all content types except Newsroom are additional fields, in two or more tabs.

The first tab is called Teaser and contains two pieces of information. Both are optional, however we highly recommend filling out the Blurb field.

Featured Image

The Featured Image will be displayed at the top of the page and will also be shown in any listing view. The functionality for adding a Featured Image is identical to how you would add an image to the main body of the page using the Image component. Please read the documentation on the Image component for more details on how to do that.

The size requirements for the featured image are 1280x720, and should be either a jpg, jpeg, or png file. We recommend using an optimized image, in the jpg format, where at all possible.


The last item in the Teaser tab is the Blurb. This is an important field and is also used in variety of ways.

  • The Blurb is never displayed as content on the page itself.
  • The Blurb is displayed as description text for the page in any listing view, like search results and tag pages.
  • If no Meta Description is added, the Blurb will be used as the default meta description for search engines (both our internal search result, and external results).

The Blurb is not a required, but it is highly recommended that this field be filled out.

It is recommended that you avoid adding line breaks to blurbs. Multiple paragraphs in blurbs will be combined into a single paragraph.


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