How to Build a Bookings Web Page

This article explains how to build and manage a shared bookings web page.

1)   Visit to launch Microsoft's Booking app, then click the + Create Booking Page button.
2)    On Configure booking page there is the option to configure the following:

a.    No self-service – This makes it so that customers cannot create their own bookings
b.    Available to people in your organization – Internal-only self-service
c.    Available to anyone – anyone can book through the self-service page
 Configure Booking options list
3)    There is also a link to the self-service page that you can embed to a webpage or email to people
 Booking Page link example
4)    Below that you can manage the business page access control. The following options can be done.
a.    Disable direct search engine indexing – This helps prevent people from finding it via web searches.
b.    Use newest version of Bookings – this will make the webpage always use the latest version.
c.    Require a one-time password to create bookings – this will make it so that people will get a password to confirm the booking.
 Manage your booking page window
5)    Customer data usage consent is used for displaying the data collection policy that your business may have.

Customer data usage consent window
6)    The default scheduling policy is where you set the policy for scheduling. There is also where you can set the general availability for the company. You can do blackout times for holidays as well here.
 Default Scheduling Policy window
7)    Customize your page is where you change the coloring of the booking page and add a company logo. 

Customize your Page window

8)    Region and time zone is where the language the bookings page will display as and the time that the bookings calendar will be set to be.
Region and time zone settings window

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