Banner General Guidelines

General Names and Address Rules

The data standards are to be used by all departments entering information into the Banner database.The use of these standards will make data much more accurate and easier to search and use in reporting for all departments.

Any questions about proper entry should be directed to Application Development and Integration Services staff BEFORE changing information. No one should be changing contact information in the database without proper training.

Any staff person with the authority to update the database should also only make changes to records for which their department has primary responsibility.

Birth Date Data Standards

If we do not have a date of birth for a person, we enter a dummy date of 01-JAN-2001 due to Banner system requirements which don’t allow this field to be left blank for employees and students.
[Re-evaluated on 1/18/2016 and determined to still be a valid method.]

Social Security Number Data Standards

All Social Security numbers are to be entered in the SSN field as a full number (without any spaces or hyphens). If we do not have a Social Security number issued by the U. S. government for a person who becomes an employee, we enter a dummy Social Security number due to Banner system requirements. The dummy Social Security number to be used is as follows:

  • The word “FUTURE” is used for employees and students who we expect will get a Social Security number at some point.
  • 000000000 (nine zeros) are used when a person will not be getting any reimbursements or payments that would require a Social Security number.
  • 999999999 (nine nines) are used by the Student Financial Services Office when determining aid in cases where a person will not be getting any reimbursements or payments that would require a U. S. Social Security number. May be used to indicate that a non-U.S. tax ID is on file elsewhere.
  • The word “FOREIGN” is used for people who are not United States citizens/working outside of the United States.

NOTE: The Social Security number must not be overwritten during data loads if it already exists in the Banner database.

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