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To assist with planning your event, ITS offers "best practice" tips for success.
This article briefly outlines commonly-used elements of Office 365 and provides links to learning resources and quick start guides.
Proper entry and formatting of addresses is important not only in providing reliable contact information for each record, but in allowing the College to take advantage of automated and discounted mailing systems for major mailings. Any questions about formatting should be directed to the ITS Database Specialistor Mailing Services.
In order to successfully place a call from Middlebury College to an international phone, a country and city code may be necessary. (Canada uses U.S. formats and can be entered in the same format as a U.S. phone number.)
The data standards are to be used by all departments entering information into the Banner database.The use of these standards will make data much more accurate and easier to search and use in reporting for all departments.
The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure database integrity and provide easy, professional and cost-effective communications for the College.
This article contains tips on how to run your event successfully on your own, without Media Services support.