Entering International Phone Number on BannerWeb

In order to successfully place a call from Middlebury College to an international phone, a country and city code may be necessary. (Canada uses U.S. formats and can be entered in the same format as a U.S. phone number.)

In particular, if you are currently enrolled in the undergraduate program on the Middlebury College campus and have an international cell phone, you need to enter the number in a specific format.

In BannerWeb on the Emergency Contact Cell Phone page, please enter your international phone number into the boxes as follows:

  • Area Code box: Enter '011'. This is the U.S. exit code (also known as international access code or IDD International Direct Dialing code), and this number is used for dialing out of the United States and Canada.
  • Phone Number box: Enter “-“ (a dash). Do not enter any other digits or numbers in this box.
  • International Access box: Entire the entire international phone number that would be needed for placing a call from Middlebury College to your phone. Example: 44 (207) 727-1064 .

Online help available -- HowtoCallAbroad

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