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In addition to normal admins who are the creators of shortcuts, or have been added as admins to the shortcuts, we've created a "superadmin" role. This is an administrative role that is only given to a few individuals who administer the GO application.


  • Ability to delete or edit any GO shortcut. They are an "admin" for all GO codes.
  • Ability to view an history of any shortcut. This history includes information such as when the shortcut was made and who made it, as well as any edits or flags it’s received.
  • Ability to view shortcuts that have been flagged by the community as inappropriate for some reason and administer those flags.

Areas where this makes a difference

Create – When you create a code you’ll have the ability to make a hidden shortcut. You can also hide a current shortcut. Superadmins are the only users able to hide shortcuts. Hidden shortcuts will still be available via the site search. We are discouraging the use of “hidden” shortcuts as they are not what the application is intended for. It’s still an option for legitimate purposes, namely admin interfaces. The codes are still publicly available but hidden codes will not be advertised in the Gotionary.

View/Update – When you go to “View/Update” in addition to the regular list of your codes there is also a link that says “As a superadmin you have the option to view a list of all codes <https://go.middlebury.edu/all_codes.php> .” This will show you the same style list but with all codes. Below this is a text input where you may enter a username and display that user's codes. There is also a history button for each code in both of these lists that normal users do not see.

Flags – You’ll have access to another tab in the self-service shortcut creation interface called “Flags”. Here you can see a table of shortcuts that have been flagged by the community. You can get info and history on the shortcut as well as visit it by clicking on it. If you’ve taken any actions that you need to on the shortcut (such as deleting the shortcut if it doesn’t belong on our site, or edited the URL or description) and want to clear the flags from the shortcut (so it no longer appears in the list) choose “Clear Flag(s)”.

Info – From each shortcut’s info page, in addition to the normal options you’ll also be able to view history or edit the shortcut right from there. This is just another way to access these options in addition to the “view a list of all codes” area.

Note: There is currently no confirmation before deletion so just be aware that deleting a shortcut will get rid of it immediately and permanently.


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