Panopto Basics

How do I log into my account?

Go to the Middlebury College Panopto home page. You will see a variety of public videos that other people have shared.

  1. Click the Sign-in button at the top on the right. Choose Middlebury Single Sign-in.
  2. Enter your Middlebury College credentials (email address and password).
  3. You will then be at your personal home page. You will see any videos that have been shared with you or that you have uploaded.

How does Panopto work?

Panopto offers a variety of features.

  1. Panopto can host and share video similar to what you can do in YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting services.
  2. You can also use Panopto to create and edit a variety of video content including screencasts and webcasts.

Using Panopto for a Course

Head to the Course Hub and add a Panopto Resource. This will create a Panopto folder for your course section and create groups for both instructors and students. By default only instructors will be able to add videos and only students in the course will be able to view the videos.

If desired, grant the student group permission to create videos from within Panopto.


Sharing a Panopto folder with multiple Course sections or Connecting an Existing Panopto folder with a course section

If multiple course sections need access to the same Panopto folder, first create a "Panopto Resource" for one section. For example, start with Section A.

To connect an existing Panopto folder or the folder created for Section A with other sections follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link to the Panopto Folder on Course Hub. This will take you to the Panopto web portal for your course Panopto folder.
  2. In your web browser address bar, look for the web address for the folder. It should look something like this in its complete form:
  3. At the end of the link, the long string of letters and numbers after the equal sign [=] and in double quotes* is the Panopto Folder ID. Copy this folder ID. NOTE: in some browsers the double quotes denoting the Folder ID may be encoded as %22
  4. Return to Course Hub.
  5. Go to the next class section that you want to link the Panopto folder to. For example, Section B.
  6. Click "+Resource".
  7. Click "Panopto Resource".
  8. Paste the Panopto folder ID into the field on the resource form that says "Connect to an existing Panopto folder by ID" as shown in this screen-shot.

"Screenshot of a Canvas group node. The form field for "connect to an existing Panopto folder by ID is annotated to indicate the ID should be pasted there.

Using Panopto with Canvas

How to find and view Panopto Recordings in Canvas - Students

If your teacher has embedded Panopto videos into your Canvas course you should see them directly within a page, assignment, or discussion forum. Your teacher may also choose to link to the video in Panopto which would open another tab or window in which you would see the video.

You may be prompted to log in to Panopto to view the video. Both Canvas and Panopto use your Middlebury credentials to grant access to content.


Embed Panopto Videos in a Canvas Course - Faculty

Note: As a first step we recommend you create a Panopto Resource via the Course Hub. This will create a folder in Panopto where you can store videos for a specific class. The class roster will sync with the folder viewing permissions.

After creating the Panopto folder and uploading video(s) for a class you are able to embed a video into any area of Canvas where the rich content editor (RCE) is available.

For example, from within a Page in Canvas when you are editing the page you will see the green Panopto icon* in the RCE tool bar.

A screenshot of the WYSIWYG editor in Canvas. The green Panopto item is visible to the right.

  • If you do not see the green Panopto icon, click the icon that looks like an electric plug. This is the icon for third party integrations. Panopto should be listed there as well.
    ** If you do not see either of these icons, click the stacked 3 dots at the end of the toolbar. When expanded, hidden tools will appear here.

To embed a video, click the Panopto Editor button in the RCE. This may prompt you to login or it will bring you to a pop-up to select a folder and video(s) you wish to embed.

Select the video you wish to embed by clicking in the circle selector next to the video thumbnail. Next click the blue insert button at the bottom of the selection window. You may need to scroll to bottom if you have multiple videos in the folder. Note that you can not multi-select videos.

To complete the embed, return to the Canvas RCE and content screen. Remember to click the Save or Save and Publish button at the bottom of the page.

Panopto Training

Visit the Panopto training site for a list of available training sessions.

Other Important Topics

How does the screen capture tool work?

You will need to download the screen capture software. After you have logged in, under your name on the right at the top there is a link Download Panopto. Under the Panopto heading, choose the software version that is appropriate for your computer. Here is a link to more detailed information about recording with Panopto tools.

You will also notice there is a Remote Recorder, this is only available for Microsoft computers. It allows you to program when to start a recording. Here is a link with more details on how that works.

How do I set the privacy on my video?

Creating Captions

Our license covers a limited amount of captions, as a way to reduce costs. Priority is given to captioning for students with disabilities or for courses where captioning is essential to the coursework such as language courses. These are addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis, as long as funds are available. Towards the end of the license period, if we have unspent captioning funds, we can purchase captions for other, non-course-related videos, also on a first-come, first-serve basis (submit these requests by by June 14th using the link below).

Please submit your request using this link to a Media Services ticket form.

My students can't see my video

Check to be sure you created a Panopto Resource via the course hub and that you've placed all of your videos in Panopto in this folder. If your videos are in your "My Folder" location in Panopto, use this tutorial for help with moving your videos to a new folder in Panopto.

I put my videos in "My Folder" in Panopto by mistake and need to move them to my course folder

If you want to share out videos from a different Panopto folder or share out individual videos, you need to make sure the Share settings for that other folder or that video are set correctly. These tutorials show you how to change sharing settings on Panopto folders and change share settings on individual Panopto videos.

NOTE: you cannot share your Panopto “My Folder”. If videos are stored in your “My Folder” that you want to share, you need to either move them to your course folder, a subfolder in your Panopto “My Folder”, or share individual videos one by one.

We are getting error messages about enabling cookies when we try to access Panopto videos embedded in Canvas (or the video just isn't displaying even after attempting to log in)

We recommend using the Firefox web browser when working in Canvas and Panopto. Regardless of browser, you need to make sure your browser accepts third-party cookies. This article walks you through how to enable third-party cookies in supported Panopto browsers.

Another option is to create a link from your Canvas site to the Panopto video, or to your course Panopto folder. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Consider providing a link to the main Panopto course video folder on the course's main Canvas page.  This link is most easily found on the Resources tab of your course’s CourseHub page. This link should be added as an “External URL” within a Canvas main page module while also being sure to check the “Load in a new tab” tick box.
  • Consider adding a direct link to a video directly before or after the embedded version in a Canvas page.  If you have already successfully embedded a video, the direct link to a video can be most easily found by clicking on the “↗” in the video and noting the URL of the resulting new browser tab or window.
  • Consider adding a Panopto video as an “External URL” within a Canvas module while also being sure to check the “Load in a new tab” tick box.
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Video streaming refers to the hosting and playback of video content. Panopto is a video storage service that everyone with a Middlebury email account has access to.