Adding Content to Office Sites

In order to add content to an Office site, you must use the Group module. 

Click "Edit Group” and then "Content” at the top of the page. 

Then click "Add Group Content"

The next screen will present you will a list of available content types.


Select the content type that you want to work with and this will take you to the main editing page for this content type. See our documentation on specific content types for more information about what options are available to editors in each.

A note on URL Paths for pages in office sites:
Most pages will be added to a menu and can use the automatically-generated URL path that makes it a sub-page of its parent menu item. If you choose not to add a menu-link for this page you will need to manually set the URL path so that it is prefixed with the office-site's path (and any desired subpath) so that the office header, footer, and menus will display around it.


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