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This article tells how to use Loaner computers managed by Middlebury College with how to install applications and elevate a user to a local administrator.
This article explains how to install Citrix Workspace software on both Mac and Windows computers. Certain specific applications (e.g., Pyramed) require this software to work properly.
The instructions in this article explain how to create a new profile in Microsoft Outlook for both Windows and Mac.
This article shares information about the latest Apple and Windows operating systems, including resource links and details about any known issues.
This article explains how to step through the initial log in process on a new or replacement College-provided Windows 11 computer.
This article contains resources to help you set up your new (or re-imaged) computer the way you like, adjust settings as desired, and restore saved items.
Introduction and instructions to self-service installation of software on Middlebury-owned computers.
Full hard drives can slow or stop a computer in its working, or prevent installation of applications and important updates. Deleting applications, system files, or personal data carries risk. This article contains information to help you take responsibility for managing your file storage.
How to connect to network printers on a Windows computer, set your default printer, and remove printers that you no longer use.
This page has specific instructions for connecting to and using Middlebury file servers (middfiles and miisfiles) using the Windows operating system.
Cloud storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive (and SharePoint) or Google Drive (and Shared Drives) are commonly used instead of Middlebury file servers.
This article explains how to upgrade your Windows 10 computer to Windows 11 using the Installation Assistant.
This article describes how to install Microsoft Office 365 on either a college-owned (single user) or home computer.
This article explains what to do if you see a screen on a Windows computer that asks for a recovery key in order to load Windows.
This article explains how to step through the initial log in process on a new or replacement College-provided Windows 10 computer.
This article contains information about how to save frequently-used websites so you can easily revisit them. These saved websites are called Bookmarks or Favorites, depending on the web browser you use.