What Is This Service?

Telephone service comprises all audio calling services including physical phones, voicemail, soft phone software, telephone systems settings, alarm lines, 911 service and many other components related to our larger unified communications infrastructure.

Who Is Eligible For This Service?

Middlebury faculty and staff are eligible for a telephone number and voice mail box through Middlebury. In addition to a physical phone and voice mail box, each employee is able to sign in and use Jabber on their Mac or Windows computer in addition to an Android or iOs mobile device.

Students and staff without an assigned phone number can use courtesy phone which are available throughout our campuses.

How Do I Learn About This Service?

How Do I Get Help?

To request support, submit a service request using the link on this page.

Add, Move or Change Telephone Line Request Telephone Support Request Voicemail Support

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Service ID: 21
Thu 6/3/21 6:04 PM
Tue 6/13/23 9:06 AM

Service Offerings (3)

Add, Move or Change Telephone Line
Any add, move or change related to a telephone line or telephone.
Telephone Support
General telephone support
Voicemail / Auto-Attendant
The voicemail / auto-attendant system allows users to recording greetings, route calls and receive voice messages.