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Reconciling Purchase Cards, generating invoices, and managing budgets are all done through Oracle. Some functions can only be performed if you have the appropriate access. If you need to have your permission levels changed please have your supervisor fill out our request access form.

Request a new or replacement Knighcard

Experiencing an issue with something not listed above? Use this form to report an issue to the IT Helpdesk.

Our Virtual Desktop system allows users to connect to an SMC computer from anywhere in the world! These Virtual Desktops give you access to your Z & O drives, Microsoft Office, and all the Course Applications (Maple, Minitab, etc).

The College has shared network drives available for saving files which need to be shared with your department or team called the O: Drive.

Want to create a new Microsoft Team? Please complete the form to request one.

Support for Colleague, Slate, Blackbaud, and other business-centric software

Request the recovery of a file stored on our network shares

Need to schedule a Zoom training?

Use Zoom to video chat

Information on our telephone and voicemail systems

Request the move, swap or temporary relocation of SMC-owned computers and/or peripherals.

Have a request that you can't find in our Service Catalog? Use this request form.

The mySMC portal is your one-stop-shop for all things SMC.

General help with printing.

Submit a question to SMC IT.

General support for hardware and software issues on your office computer

Digital signs across campus show important information. Request a new digital sign installation.

Need to borrow a laptop, iPad, or other electronic equipment?

Form to request to get Colleague SSN Access

Internal mailing lists for clubs and groups.

Our classrooms are equipped with desktop computers, projection systems, and a number of additional technology.

Request to have Echo 360 recordings automatically recorded.