Using a Zoom Conference Room

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This conference Room is a Zoom Room with microphone and camera connected to Zoom in the A/V system.

Power on the system at the Touch Screen (Tap this screen to get started).  Select either "Zoom" to make a video call with the system or "Share" to project a laptop to the screen.

To Share a presentation, select "Share" on the Touch Screen and then select one of the four Touch Screen options: PC, FloorBox-Front, FloorBox_Rear, or Apple TV and If using the PC, there is a wireless keyboard and mouse atop the racks in both 105A and 105B.  If choosing either of the two floor options, look for the small floor boxes at the front and rear of the respective rooms.  Note that if one of the cables is missing, it often will be located in the other floor box.  Pull up the cover, and connect the installed HDMI or USB-C cable to your device.  AppleTV can only used with Mac laptops.  Tap Share once you have decided upon your choice.

To stop projecting a presentation, hit "Stop Sharing" (you may need to tap Share once again to get back to this screen).


For Zoom, select ZOOM>Other ZOOM Meeting>Call.  Tap Keypad.

Type # followed by the Meeting ID, followed by # again. 

Enter the Meeting Passcode followed by #.  You may be prompted to enter/re-enter a Host Key again.  The Host Key can be found in the scheduler’s Zoom “Profile” tab on any desktop web browser.  Note that even if you have been added as a co-host and can start this meeting without the person who created the ZOOM, you will need to first obtain that person's Host's Key to gain access into this system.   

If the ZOOM has been set up to Automatic Recording, you will to tap # one more time.  

Control the sound in the room from by using the Touch Screen volume/mute buttons (lower right).  This will not control mics which have been set to a permanent level. 

Control the camera on the Touch Screen by first tapping on the small camera symbol (upper right).   Tap on any of the numbered Camera Position pre-sets to either choose or open up the manual control panel.  Use the "+" and "-" signs for zooming in and out, and the directional arrows for left/right/up/down.  If the manual control panel times out, you can tap again to bring it back.  Select SpeakerTrack option up top if you want the cameras to follow whomever is speaking, or turn off to set a fixed angle.  To exit this menu, tap anywhere on Touch Screen outside this menu panel.

Control Zoom meeting features by opening the Keypad on the Touch Screen, selecting numeral "1" and then (looking on wall monitor) selecting the option by number as listed on the screen.  For example, numeral "4" on the dial pad will Start/Stop Recording, while "6" will Show Participants.

To conclude the Zoom call, hit the red "End" button on the Touch Screen.

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