Using a Zoom Conference Room

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This conference Room is a Zoom Room with microphone and camera connected to Zoom in the A/V system.

Power on the system at the Touch Screen, select either "Zoom" to make a video call with the system or "Presentation" mode to project a laptop to the screen.

For Presentation, connect the installed HDMI or USB-C cable to your device, the select "Share" on the touch screen.

To stop projecting a presentation, hit "Stop Sharing".

For Zoom, hit either of the "Call" buttons on the touch screen, input your Meeting ID, and then Password.

Sometimes the Meeting ID must be followed by a suffix, depending on the Call method.

Control the sound on the Touch Screen with the volume/mute buttons; control the camera on the Touch Screen with the directional arrow and zoom buttons.

Control Zoom meeting features by opening the Dial Pad on the Touch Screen, selecting numeral "1" and then selecting the option by number as listed on the screen.  For example, numeral "4" on the dial pad will mute and unmute the microphone, while "6" turns the camera on and off.

To conclude the Zoom call, hit the red "End" button on the Touch Screen.


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