McCardell Bicentennial Hall 216

In this lecture hall, you can project via HDMI, USB-C, and AppleTV AirPlay connections, Project from the Podium PC, as well as play Blu-rays and DVD's. There is also a document camera.

This auditorium has two screens for projection:  A large center screen, and a smaller screen to the side.  To display any input on one screen or the other, first select the input on the touch screen and then "Send to Center Projector" or "Send to Side Projector".

If you need assistance setting-up Zoom for hybrid learning, please contact Media Services for support. 

Projecting laptop via HDMI or USB-C

Projecting laptop via Apple TV AirPlay

Projecting the Podium PC

Using Zoom on the Podium PC

Playing a Blu-ray or DVD disc

Using the Document Camera

Using the Podium Microphone

Using the Wireless Microphones

Troubleshooting the A/V System

If you need help with the A/V equipment in this classroom, call the ITS Helpdesk at 802-443-2200 and request Media Services assistance.

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