Using Your Mac Laptop with the Lid Closed

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These instructions explain how to adjust your Mac laptop's settings so you can use an external monitor and close the laptop lid without having the display turn off.

  1. The computer is on and connected to a power adapter.
  2. Connect the computer to an external monitor.
  3. Connect keyboard and mouse whether it is wired or via Bluetooth.
  4. Adjust settings to specific that the display never turns off when the computer is connected to power.  Here's how:
    1. For newer MacOS (Ventura & later)
      1. Open System Settings.
      2. Open Lock Screen.
      3. Change Turn display off on power adapter when inactive to Never.
    2. For older Mac OS
      1. Open System Preferences.
      2. Open Energy Saver.
      3. Click Power Adapter.
      4. Change Turn Display Off After to Never.

At this point, you can close the lid.  The displays will go black but if you move your mouse or press a key on the keyboard, it will wake up. 

Important notes: 

  • The above steps require your computer to be connected to a power source (not running from its battery) in order to work as desired.
  • Your screen will not go to sleep or lock when you walk away so you will need to lock the screen or log out when you are finished. 



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