Use the Zoom Room in Old Chapel 206

This Zoom Room has a camera and microphones installed in the room that let a user connect to a Zoom meeting without a laptop.

These features are designed for the moderator to engage the room and the remote participants on Zoom from the east end of the room opposite the projection screen and camera.

At either touch panel, either start a "New Meeting" or "Join" a scheduled meeting.

To join a scheduled meeting, input the Meeting ID and Passcode.  These can be found on both Zoom mobile and desktop apps listed under Meetings, as well as the web portal.

In the Zoom meeting, the camera and microphones will be already turned on and they will be sending out audio and video of Old Chapel 206.

Mute or unmute the audio coming from this Zoom Room by hitting "Microphone" icon on the touch panel.  Raise the volume of remote participants with the volume level on the touch panel.

Turn the camera on or off by hitting the "Camera" icon on the touch panel.

To share content, plug either a USB-C or HDMI cable into one of the ports at the east end of the tables opposite the screen.

Hit the "Share Content" button, scroll down, and then "Share to Meeting".  The content will appear on screen and on Zoom for remote participants.

Set the camera angle to your preference by opening the "Camera Control" window on the touch pad, then using the directional arrows and "Magnifying Glass" buttons to pan, tilt and zoom in or out with the camera.

You can also take advantage of the system's automated follow functions:

"Speaker Focus" will reframe the camera on the loudest sound source in the room.  If the HVAC system isn't making too much noise, and people are speaking clearly, then the system can effectively reframe to a single person in the room who is speaking.

"Auto-Framing" uses motion detection to track the most active figure in the room.  If there is no commotion in the space, and only one person is traversing the room, then the camera can effectivelyn follow them regardless of the individual speaking.

If you would like the camera to include a view of two or more people moving in the room, then toggle on "Multi-Focus Framing".

Exit the camera control window by hitting the "X" at the top right.

Check on your fellow Zoom participants in the "Participants" window, where you can "Mute All", "Unmute All", "Invite" new meeting members via email, or find further participant options in the "More" popup menu. Close the window with the top right "X" icon.

Manage the view of yourself and others on the projection screen on the "View" window: "Speaker", "Thumbnail" to highlight shared content, or "Gallery" to have all participants with their camera turned on in view.  At the bottom of the window is a button that will "Hide Self View" and "Show Self View" on the screen.

Access further options in the "More" window: "Chat", "Reactions" and "Breakout Rooms".

For any Zoom meeting with more involved aspects like Breakout Rooms, multiple speakers scheduled at different intervals, or other special features, ITS advises users to contact Media Services five business days before the event for planning and direct support.



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