What is Canvas?

Canvas is Middlebury’s learning management system (LMS). It is available at Course sites are provisioned using Course Hub. Canvas sites allow instructors to conduct online, asynchronous discussions with students, provide feedback and post grades for assignments, share documents and media files, post deadlines and announcements, manage assignment submission and grading, and use other integrated tools like quizzes, video conferencing, and social annotation.

Who is eligible to use Canvas?

Faculty, staff and current students have access to Canvas course sites and can request co-curricular sites for teaching and learning purposes.

How do I learn about Canvas?

See the Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry (DLINQ) documentation for Canvas.

Student Orientation to Canvas: this self-guided Canvas course is designed to help Middlebury students get to know Canvas. While Instructure—the makers of Canvas LMS—provides guides for Canvas users (both instructors and learners), this course provides a step-by-step tour of the most common learning management features.

Faculty Introduction to Teaching with Canvas: This is a self-guided Canvas course for instructors. Working through this Canvas resource is highly recommended for all instrucotrs new to the platform. This library of video tutorials for Canvas is helpful for faculty and students.

How Do I Get Help?

For 24/7 technical support contact Instructure's Canvas Support directly via e-mail at Support or by phone hotlines for students at +1-844-747-2605 and for instructors at +1-833-890-4166.

Users can also chat with Canvas Support when logged in and clicking on the HELP question mark icon [?] at the bottom of the primary menu on the right side of the screen.

For pedagogical or learning design support for Canvas, schedule a consultation with a DLINQ team member.

For other Canvas questions and support, please submit a service request using the link on this page.

Request Canvas Support

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Basic triage steps to determine why an instructor or student cannot see a Canvas site.
FERPA regulations apply when adding individuals to a course where they can see student information. Make sure you only add people to your course who have “an educational need to know.” You can learn more about FERPA here. Questions about FERPA can be directed to the Registrar.
A Canvas site is accessible according to the academic term course dates set by the Registrar. The course end date is typically set to the final day of classes plus thirty days for grading. Instructors can change this for active courses where the current students may need access to the site beyond the course end date.
Guidance for instructors who need to manage access for one or more student to a Canvas site because they have been issued a grade of Incomplete or need to finish coursework beyond the course end date. As part of the process for granting an Incomplete and allowing a student to submit late course work on Canvas, an instructor or Canvas administrator will extend access to a course Canvas site beyond the academic term date.
As an instructor, there are times when you may need or want to share access to a Canvas site. someone to be able to see how you structure your course or you want to share the content for other reasons, you have two options. If you want to keep things in Canvas, then you’ll want to request an archive copy of your site. You may prefer to export your course in ePub format if your goal is less about the Canvas experience, request and ARCHIVE Canvas site and copy your content.
Faculty up for contract renewal, promotion, or tenure review may need to share online curricular materials with the review committee.
This article outlines the transition plan for Middlebury's Canvas LMS to adopt a new version of CidiLabs' DesignPLUS tools interface. The new interface offers enhancements like a streamlined design experience and improved accessibility features. Both the old and new DesignPLUS versions can be used concurrently until December 31, 2024, when the old version will be deactivated.


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