Computer Replacement Preparation Checklist

You should consider the following points before you receive a replacement (or refreshed) computer and complete all that apply to you.

Visit http://go/save/ for detailed instructions explaining each point.
  • Note the software that you use on your computer; most will be available for installation on your new computer via self-service methods.
  • Back up (copy) all locally-stored files to appropriate locations (OneDrive, Google Drive File Stream, iCloud, a shared departmental folder on Middfiles, and/or a personally-owned device).
  • Set up syncing of web browser favorites/bookmarks (or export them to a file you store in the cloud).
  • Note the names of all printers you use; you will need to reinstall them.
  • Consider Outlook. Note the names of all other mailboxes you use.  Do you use many different email signatures or have customized views you need to save?
  • Think about other customizations you have made. Are any so extensive you could not simply recreate them? (Office templates, Quick Access Toolbars, autocorrect entries, and Ribbons are stored locally.)
  • Backup and deauthorize iTunes if appropriate.



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