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Add Another Mailbox in Outlook

This article explains permissions needed in order to access another person's or organization's mailbox.  It also describes how to add the mailbox to Outlook on a PC or Mac, or work with it using Webmail.

Computer Replacement Preparation Checklist

Getting a new computer? See this guide for getting ready before you turn in your old!

Find Your OS (Operating System) Version

This article explains how to find your OS (operating system) version on a PC or Mac computer.

Mac - First Time Login User Guide

This article describes the first time login process on a new, College-issued Mac.

Mac vs PC

This article describes the pros and cons of Mac vs Windows computers.

macOS Encryption - FileVault Recovery FAQ

About FileVault disk encryption, recovery keys, and macOS password resets. You'll learn what to do if you are unable to log into your account on a Mac computer that was issued for your primary use.

Microsoft Office 365 Installation -- Home and Work

This article describes how to install Microsoft Office 365 on either a college-owned (single user) or home computer.

Standard Computer Models for Faculty and Staff

This article describes the standard computer model options currently available to faculty and staff.

Windows Encryption - Bitlocker Recovery FAQ

This article explains what to do if you see a screen on a Windows computer that asks for a recovery key in order to load Windows.