Redirecting or Forwarding Student Email Accounts

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This page provides instructions for students about how to redirect or forward their Middlebury email to an alternate e-mail provider.

Important Considerations and Limitations

  • Faculty and staff should not forward their e-mail to outside addresses as this creates security and privacy concerns.
  • E-mail distribution lists that have special permissions (such as class lists) do NOT work from external accounts! You must log on and use your Middlebury account to send messages to these lists.
  • Never forward multiple Middlebury accounts to the same external account.

Students Only

Please follow Microsoft's instructions to forward or redirect your e-mail.

  • NOTE:  You'll most likely want to redirect your e-mail so that if you reply from the forwarded address, replies will go to the original sender. If you forward your e-mail, each e-mail will look like it came from your own Middlebury account.


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