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What is Office 365?

All Middlebury faculty, staff, and students have a Middlebury Office 365 account using their email address ( format) and password as their login credentials.

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite.  Here are some of the most commonly-used elements:

  • Microsoft Office Applications for Macs and PCs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • E-mail, including Exchange (the system that hosts all Middlebury e-mail) and Outlook Web Access (aka http://go/webmail/), a web-based mail client
  • OneDrive, a file storage utility that allows you to either manage your files through a Web browser or sync them locally with a client application on your computer or mobile device.
  • Office Online, a set of online software (including Word, Powerpoint, and Excel) that lets you create and edit Microsoft documents from within a Web browser and store them in OneDrive. (Some features are unavailable; for full-featured editing use Office 365 which can save directly to OneDrive.)
  • SharePoint, a file storage utility for shared use by specific groups of individuals (such as a department or project group).
  • Teams, a single collaboration solution for teams/groups that want a place to share discussions, files, calendars and notes in a unified way that is easy to find.

Learning Resources for Office 365 Apps

Microsoft's General Resources for All Apps

LinkedIn Learning Resources

  • Course:  Office 365 New Features (1 hr 51 mins) -- Although this course was recorded in the Windows environment it applies to Mac users as well.
  • There are thousands of courses covering Office 365 apps -- from beginner to advanced.  Visit LinkedIn Learning at Middlebury to learn how to access and use this amazing, free resource.


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