Hillcrest 103 Zoom Room Guide

  • At the Touch Panel, START the system

  • Select ZOOM mode, then ZOOM again on the next screen


Start or join a Zoom meeting or webinar:

  • Choose the bottom CALL button on the Touch Panel

  • Tap on the “Search or dial” field up top and Enter the Meeting ID (11-numeral) on the Touch Panel KEYBOARD, then enter “@ZoomCRC.com” in the same line, then hit Call

  • Type in the Passcode (6-numeral) and then #

  • [If hosting a scheduled meeting, find the “Host Key” in the scheduler’s Zoom “Profile” tab on any desktop web browser]

  • Open the “Dial Pad” and then Enter the meeting scheduler’s Host Key (6-numeral) and then #  

  • If you have created a ZOOM webinar and have enabled a practice session,you will need to press 8 to start the webinar.  Tap on “Dial Pad” two times again and then # two more times.

  •  [Note: to record, the easiest way is to prepare this ahead of time by selecting, “AUTOMATICALLY RECORD WEBINAR/MEETING IN THE CLOUD” when you first create the event.  If you didn’t take this step ahead of time, you can still do so by accessing the Meeting Options and finding the record option- see below.]


Access Zoom Room camera controls with the  Camera icon  button at the top of the Touch Panel 

  • On the window that appears, check SELFVIEW to display what the Zoom Room camera sends out to Zoom

  • Adjust the camera manually with the ⬌⬍ and +/- buttons

  • Use FRONT CAM to depict the audience or REAR CAM to show the presenter up at the podium.  

  • If you wish to show both angles during the event, you can go back and forth between the two options but someone must be at the podium to do so.

  • Uncheck SELFVIEW then HIDE CAMERA SETTINGS to close the window and return to main Zoom menu 


Access the MIC CONTROL submenu at the LEFT SIDE of the Touch Panel 

  • Adjust volume for PODIUM MIC, WIRELESS HANDHELD MICS and the AND WIRELESS LAPEL MIC with the buttons by each one

  • Keep all mics that you are not using in the room on MUTE

  • Press X to close the submenu and return to main Zoom menu


Control Meeting Options in the Zoom Room:

  • Open the Touch Panel DIAL PAD, hit numeral 1, and an options window appears on the projection screen

  • Select options by numeral on the Touch Panel DIAL PAD, and display MORE OPTIONS with 0

  • Exit the window with the * key.


Share Content directly from a laptop to the Zoom Room:

  • Connect your laptop to the HDMI or USB-C cables at the podium

  • Hit SHARE on the Touch Panel

  • In the submenu that appears, select your input and then SHARE

  • STOP SHARING to end screen sharing over Zoom

  • X out of the submenu and return to main Zoom menu


Share content directly from the Podium PC to the Zoom Room:

  • Hit SHARE on the Touch Panel

  • In the submenu that appears, select PC and then LOCAL PREVIEW

  • Log onto the Podium PC and hit SHARE to begin the sharing of presentation over Zoom

  • To end sharing, choose STOP SHARING

  • X out of the submenu and return to main Zoom menu

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