Export Data from Google Drive using Google Takeout

This article describes how to export desired content from your Middlebury Google account using Google Takeout to back it up or use it with a service outside of Google.

Exporting Data from Google Drive using Google Takeout

  1. Navigate to http://takeout.google.com.
  2. Select the data you would like exported using the check boxes on the right-hand side.
  3. Scroll to the bottom then select Next Step.
  4. Supply the export destination details as shown: 
    Export destination settings
    • For Transfer to select Send download link via email.
    • For Frequency select Export Once.
    • For File Type select .zip.
    • For File Size select 50 GB (This avoids the export being split into multiple ZIP files where possible.)
  5. Click the Create Export button to proceed.  After the export is done, a link will be emailed to the address of the account.
    • If you are exporting for an organizational account, the link will be emailed to that account, not your own.
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