Articles (8)

"New" Outlook 365

This article explains why you shouldn't move to "new" Outlook 365 on Middlebury-provided computers.

Adobe Creative Cloud File Storage

Options for where Adobe files may be stored and how to locate them.

Cloud Services Overview

This article explains what is meant when we talk about "the cloud" and provides an overview of common cloud services available at Middlebury with links to related resources.

Cloud Storage Best Practices

This article contains cloud storage best practice usage information, including how to decide when to use individual versus group storage options, as well as related FAQs.

Shared Exchange Calendars and Room Resources

This article explains the difference between Outlook's shared calendars and room resources, as well as how to request and then use them.

Teams not Syncing with OneDrive

This article provides links to resources that may help resolve issues with Microsoft Teams not syncing with OneDrive.

Use Webmail to Access a Shared Account (PC & Mac)

This article explains how to access a shared exchange mailbox using Outlook for the Web (OWA), aka Webmail.