Transitioning to New DesignPLUS Tools

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This article provides guidance regarding the transition plan in response to CidiLabs release of a new version of the DesignPLUS tools interface in Canvas, Middlebury's learning management system. The DesignPLUS tools are available in Canvas to help improve the visual design, layout, organization, and accessibility of your Canvas course pages. CidiLabs will stop supporting the current version as of December 31, 2024, but both versions can be used simultaneously in Canvas until then.


Why the Change?

CidiLabs made a significant update to their tool which requires all institutions subscribed to DesignPLUS tools to switch to the new interface.

What’s Changing?

  • The new interface offers a more intuitive and streamlined experience for designing course content.
  • New options for visual design and layout.
  • Improved accessibility ensures that all users can create engaging and inclusive course materials.

If I’m currently using the DesignPLUS tools, do I have to use the new DesignPLUS tools?

Yes. Once the current DesignPLUS tools sunset on Dec. 31, 2024, you will be required to use the new interface to create any new DesignPLUS content. Also, in order to edit any content created with the sunsetted DesignPLUS tools, you will need to update the content to the new DesignPLUS tools.

What's the timeline for the transition to the new DesignPLUS tools?

  • May 30, 2024 - announcing the new DesignPLUS tools interface. The old DesignPLUS interface will still be the default, with the ability to switch to the new DesignPLUS interface. 

  • September 30, 2024 - the new DesignPLUS interface will be the default, but a user can still switch to the old DesignPLUS interface

  • December 31, 2024 - the old DesignPLUS interface will be deactivated, and all users must use the new DesignPLUS interface

How do I begin using the new DesignPLUS tools in Canvas?

The linked Cidilabs articles below are a good starting point to help orient you to working with the new DesignPLUS interface in Canvas to create new content or to update content created with the old interface.

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DesignPLUS helps you quickly create engaging, organized content in Canvas without requiring any HTML or CSS experience.