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Transitioning to New DesignPLUS Tools

This article outlines the transition plan for Middlebury's Canvas LMS to adopt a new version of CidiLabs' DesignPLUS tools interface. The new interface offers enhancements like a streamlined design ... canvas ... . The DesignPLUS tools are available in Canvas to help improve the visual design, layout, organization, and accessibility of your Canvas course pages. CidiLabs will stop supporting the current version


Canvas is Middlebury's main learning management system. It provides tools to create online course sites that enable course communications, forums, assessments, file sharing, and other activities. ... submission and grading, and use other integrated tools like quizzes, video conferencing, and social annotation. Who is eligible to use Canvas? Faculty, staff and current students have access to

Activating the DesignPLUS Tool

How to activate the DesignPLUS tool in Canvas ... canvas ... Transitioning to New DesignPLUS Tools knowledge base article. How do I activate the DesignPLUS toolbar? To activate the DesignPLUS tools for additional Canvas content options, please do the following

Canvas: Sharing Site Content as an Archive or an ePub

As an instructor, there are times when you may need or want to share access to a Canvas site. someone to be able to see how you structure your course or you want to share the content for other ... canvas ... review. Middlebury Help Desk ticket: Request an archive copy of one or more Canvas sites Canvas guide: How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool


DesignPLUS helps you quickly create engaging, organized content in Canvas without requiring any HTML or CSS experience. ... canvas ... What is this service? DesignPLUS is a tool within Canvas that gives increased options when creating content. The tool provides additional options to help improve the visual design, layout


UDOIT – or the Universal Design Online Content Inspection Tool – (pronounced, “You Do It”) is an automated accessibility auditing tool for Canvas courses. ... What is UDOIT? UDOIT – or the Universal Design Online Content Inspection Tool – (pronounced, “You Do It”) is an automated accessibility auditing tool for Canvas courses. It was developed by the

The integration with Canvas brings discussion directly to course content by enabling students and teachers to add comments and start conversations in the margins of texts. ... all Canvas course sites. To use in Canvas, you can either 1) create an assignment in Canvas and select as the External Tool or 2) enable it for non-graded web and PDF annotation


Gradescope is an online assessment platform designed to streamline grading work flows. It allows instructors/teaching assistants to efficiently grade digital or hand-written assignments, quizzes, and exams. It supports customizable grading rubrics and can improve grading consistency and transparency. ... and as an assessment option under external tools. More details are available on the Gradescope Canvas page. While you can access Gradescope directly, it's suggested that using it within Canvas is

Accessing Microsoft's Immersive Reader

assignments, quizzes, discussion boards, announcements, external tools, or any other areas of Canvas), so it’s use in Canvas is extremely limited at this time. How do I use the Microsoft Immersive Reader when viewing a page as an instructor?


:// using the Microsoft account button on the far left. You also have access within Canvas but there is limited interaction between the two tools. The ThingLink option on the

Microsoft Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free tool built into a variety of Microsoft products which alters content to enhance and focus reading and writing skills. ... browser. It offers an alternative way to engage with content, having been designed as a tool to enhance and focus reading and writing skills. It does not replicate and cannot replace the full features and

Course Catalog

The searchable Course Catalog at provides full-text searching of course descriptions, course favorites, and a schedule-planning tool. ... highlighted. Schedules can be emailed to an adviser or anyone else. Schedules can be printed to aid in finding classrooms. Please note that this tool is designed as a planning and advising aid

Sketch Engine

Supporting dozens of languages, Sketch Engine is an online text analysis tool that works with large samples of language (corpora) to identify what is typical and frequent in a language and what is rare, outdated, going out of use or what new words or grammar are beginning to be used. ... What is Sketch Engine? Sketch Engine is an online tool to explore how language works. Its algorithms analyze authentic texts of billions of words (text corpora) to identify instantly what is

Adobe Creative Cloud

What is this service? Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications mainly used for graphic design, video editing, web development, and image editing.  Adobe Creative Cloud includes Photoshop

Panopto Basics

Panopto is Middlebury's main video hosting and creation option. It is integrated with Course Hub and Canvas. ... should be listed there as well. ** If you do not see either of these icons, click the stacked 3 dots at the end of the toolbar. When expanded, hidden tools will appear here. To embed a video