Using File Servers - Macintosh

Connecting to a File Server Using a Mac

  1. Connect to the campus network on the fastest network available (preferably an Ethernet jack, or at least secure wireless.) If you are off-campus, you will have to connect to VPN before continuing.
  2. Open the Finder by clicking on the desktop.
  3. From the Go menu select Connect to Server. The Connect to Server dialog box will appear.
  4. In the Server Address field type the following: cifs:// *
  5. Click the + button to add the address to your "Favorite Servers" list.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. You may be asked to provide your login credentials. If so:
    • In the Name field type your username.
    • In the Password field type your password.
    • Click OK.
  8. A Finder window will open, displaying all the folders available on Middfiles and a new volume will appear on your desktop. (If the volume does not appear, choose Finder, then Preferences. Click the General tab, then check the box to display Connected Servers.)
    • Not sure which folder to choose? View information about the content and structure of Middfiles.
    • *For miisfiles in Monterey, use: cifs://
  • Note: Usually you would only need to connect to the Middfiles server at the address above. For some specialized cases (large media files, departmental research) we support additional servers. To connect to a file server other than middfiles you will need to modify the steps slightly. In the instructions above, replace the "middcloud" with the name of the file server you'd like to connect to, and replace "middfiles" with the name of the shared folder on that file server. For example, if you wanted to connect to the "work-dirs" folder on snowleopard, you'd need to use the following format:


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If user is on MacOS, change connection string to smb:// instead of cifs://
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