How to Create a Request for Support (Ticket) using the Client Portal

Middlebury's Client Portal includes a Knowledge Base containing a growing number of “how to” articles, as well as a Service Catalog with information about the many products and services ITS offers.  

The following instructions explain how to search for solutions and information, as well as how to request support (aka create a ticket) if you need additional assistance.


Getting Help -- Process in Brief

  1. Begin by searching for how-to instructions that explain how to resolve a question or issue you have.

How to Find Tech Solutions using the Client Portal

  1. If you don’t find what you need, select the related Service from your search results or perform a new service search.

How to Find an ITS Service using the Client Portal

  1. Click Request Support button (or similarly named) on the appropriate Service page to create then submit a support request (ticket) for follow-up.

  2. Work with your tickets:

    • Reply to ticket emails to add needed details for the technician in a current ticket.

    • From Middlebury’s Client Portal (, click the View Your Tickets button then scroll to view tickets you created or which list you as the requestor.

Creating Your Support Request (Ticket) -- Just the Basics

Once you've clicked Request Support button, here are the basics about how to supply your details:

Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required -- you must fill them in.  Most forms have only a few fields.  You can click the blue question mark icon beside a field to display more information about it.

  • Requestor & Department – will be filled in automatically based on who is logged in

  • Contact (optional) - You can add names of any individuals who should receive copies of your ticket communications.

  • Other detail fields may be shown and will vary depending on the service.  If information is already provided please check it for relevance to your issue.  If changes are needed just click beside the suggested value to view a drop-down list of alternatives.

  • Subject - a short description to explain the nature of your issue

    • Examples:   “Outlook email won’t sync,” “MFA help needed on new phone”

  • Description - Provide as many details as possible about an issue; consider including: 

    • Midd sticker number of equipment involved

    • Software versions being used

    • Snapshots of errors received or screens you see

  • Attachment - used to attach documents or snapshots related to your issue


Detailed Example - Creating a Support Request (Ticket)

Example Issue:  You got a new smartphone and need to set it up for use with MFA.

  1. You could begin by searching the Client Portal for MFA information.  “Keep it simple” is best with searches:

Global search criteria

  1. You see All you need to know about Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in the list of results so you take a look and find just what you need under the section “How do I change my MFA settings?”  But…  you try the steps and can’t get things working.  What now?

  2. If your earlier search results are still in view, look for a Service listing for MFA:

MFA Service search result

– or –

Narrow your MFA search for Services using the drop-down list at left of search field:

Service search criteria

  1. Click the link for the Multi Factor Authentication Service, then click the Request MFA Support button.

  2. Your ticket is now underway with your name and department filled in.  You’ll notice in this case that “Password Reset” has been supplied which isn’t what you need.  Click to the right of the suggestion to view a list of choices.  Perhaps “MFA Setup” would be a better choice.  (You can click the X beside “Password Reset” to remove it.)

Drop-down List example

  1. Here’s what the rest of the ticket details might look like:
    Example ticket details

  2. When finished providing all the details, click the Request button to submit your ticket.

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