Shared Mailboxes

This article explains shared mailboxes and specifics on requesting access to a shared mailbox. Information on how to Add Another Mailbox to Outlook here.


What is a Shared Mailbox?

Shared mailboxes are Outlook mailboxes that are associated with a department or organization instead of an individual user. A shared mailbox can allow multiple people to access and send emails from the inbox. There are few types of shared mailboxes.

Types of shared mailboxes

  • Student Organization Mailboxes: Or club mailboxes, are mailboxes associated with the student run organizations or clubs on campus through the Student Activities Office
  • Departmental Mailboxes: Mailboxes that are associated with a department or team comprised of faculty and staff

Requesting Access to a Shared Mailbox

Between the two types of shared mailboxes, the only difference in how access is requested is who is required to request the access.

Requesting Access to a Student Organization Mailbox

  • Consult your Organization's page on Presence. A club president or co-president is the only member of the student leadership that is allowed to request access for the shared mailbox associated with your organization. If the information is out of date, you will need to contact the Student Activities Office to update the information. In a pinch, the faculty/staff adviser for your organization can also submit the request.
  • Once you've confirmed that the information on Presence is accurate, please use the Request Access button to fill out a Ticket form.
  • Please make sure that you include the email address of the Organization as well as the email addresses for any other members of club leadership that will require access.
  • Once it is confirmed on our end that the requester is listed on the corresponding Presence page, we will grant access ot the emails listed. You will get an email with confirmation that the access has been granted.
  • After elections the current president (as long as they are still listed on Presence) can request access for the new president.

Requesting Access to a Departmental Shared Mailbox

  • Access for a departmental shared mailbox must be requested by your supervisor or manager.
  • When using the Request Access button to fill out the ticket form, please include the email of the employee that requires access as well as the email address for the mailbox in question.
  • You will get an email with confirmation that the access has been granted.
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