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Canvas is Middlebury's main learning management system. It provides tools to create online course sites that enable course communications, forums, assessments, file sharing, and other activities. ... What is Canvas? Canvas is Middlebury’s learning management system (LMS). It is available at Course sites are provisioned using Course Hub. Canvas sites allow

Canvas Co-Curricular Site

If you need a Canvas site for a co-curricular program, workgroup, or other purpose, submit a Help Desk support ticket. Be sure to include the following information in ticket details: Subject

Middlebury Guest Accounts

This article explains how to request a Middlebury guest account for individuals who need access to Canvas or WordPress sites but do not have a Middlebury network account. ... canvas ... the request what services the external user will need access to: Canvas WordPress ( and Guest access will not allow external users to create spaces

Course Hub

create a course in Canvas view course rosters create a Google folder shared with enrolled students create a password-protected MiddFiles folder create a public MiddFiles folder create an

Panopto Basics

this screen-shot. Using Panopto with Canvas How to find and view Panopto Recordings in Canvas - Students If your teacher has embedded Panopto videos into your Canvas course you should

Student Technology Guide – Spring 2023

well as digital and multimedia tools, including Canvas, Zoom, Panopto, WordPress, and others. Students needing assistance with multimedia projects for their classes are encouraged to connect with DLINQ

Technology Guide - Summer 2022

, including Zoom, Panopto, Canvas, WordPress, and others. Students needing assistance with multimedia projects for their classes are encouraged to connect with a DLINQ intern early in the project process

Get Started with Wireless

certificate and connect. I'm a campus visitor who needs internet access AND also needs to use campus resources such as Canvas or WordPress. For internet access, select the

Life After Middlebury

another account  Take your Midd OneDrive files with you when you leave  Export your work from Canvas  Transition your site on Middcreate - see DLINQ’s When You Leave details


-- student GitHub accounts will be simply listed as "unlinked" when they access assignments. At this time we don't have an integration set up with Canvas or other services, so if you would like to

Connect to Wireless

following the prompts to accept the certificate and connect.  For access to Middlebury resources (such as Canvas or Wordpress), a member of the Middlebury community must request a guest account for you

Guest Access

Guest access is used for some services like Canvas, WordPess, and Azure Active Directory. ... What Is This Service? Guest access refers to scenarios where non-Middlebury account holders need to access Middlebury resources. Some example are auditing a class, alumni access or other business