My Recently Visited Services

Support related to authenticating to services using your Middlebury account

A virtual private network connection allows off-campus devices to securely access on-campus resources

Support for telephony and components of the telephone system including audio conferencing and soft phone software.

A learning management system (LMS) is software that help instructors build content like course websites, online assessments, and forums.

Request help with a printer on the Middlebury campus or with questions or issues printing from your device.

The network provides WordPress site creation and hosting to the Middlebury community for course or personal use.

Astronomical image processing, data analysis, and data visualization software. Based on ImageJ and using Java. Free and open source.

Omeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections

The CTLR is a robust academic center that serves College faculty and students in a number of ways

Middlebury has a wired network infrastructure which extends to the majority of building and rooms on campus.

Request repair on a Middlebury owned device.

Request support for an IT related project. Project management of ITS supported projects including full project management, project documentation and project mentoring.

Video conferencing software provided by Middlebury College. You can host meetings and webinars. Share your screen, record your meetings, and live stream, among many other options.

On premise file storage refers to any storage resources which are hosted by Middlebury such as Middfiles, MIISfiles or any departmental or discipline specific storage repositories.

Server management refers to the management of on premise or cloud server resources used for Middlebury operations.

Reporting and business intelligence tool

The Creative Cloud suite includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat DC, Premier Pro and many other applications.

If you are hosting a live academic event, and you would like it to be recorded, we provide video recording. After the event, we will do some minor edits to the video, add titles and lower thirds, and then upload the video online to one of our video storage services.

GitHub is a web-based code management system, primarily used by ITS and Communications staff.

For requests related to Github for EDU, please see: Teaching and Learning → Academic Technology and Support → GitHub for EDU (

Multi-Factor Authentication works by requiring a secondary form of identification after a successful login.

Website for the Davis United World College Scholars program.

GIS Software

Requirements and business analysis services to ensure IT associated projects provide the most benefit to the organization, including objectives, outcomes, efforts, models, documentation and change management.