Broadcasting, live streaming, video recording and media production. This area includes audiovisual-related event support.

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Audiovisual Integration

Support for and installation of audio / video systems in classrooms, learning spaces, conference rooms and other spaces.

Classroom Support

Classroom Emergency and Non-Emergency Support

Event Recording

If you are hosting a live academic event, and you would like it to be recorded, we provide video recording. After the event, we will do some minor edits to the video, add titles and lower thirds, and then upload the video online to one of our video storage services.

Event Support

Media Services provides support for Academic Events associated with media technology. We provide microphones, proper lighting adjustments, and projection support.

Live Streaming Support

If you are hosting a live, academic event that you would like to have live streamed, we can provide this service. Many times it goes hand-in-hand with video record and/or video conferencing events, but it can be a service provided all on its own.

Media Equipment Request

Check out of loaner media equipment for class use.

Multimedia Support and Editing

This service is for academic uses only. If you have video files (Old VHS tapes, DVDs, etc) you would like digitized and put online in a secure location, we can convert these files for you. 

If you have video files you would like made into a formal video for your academic program/class, we can create short videos for you with our professional editing software.

Screening Support

If you have a film you would like to show on campus in one of the
designated theaters,(Dana Aud, Axinn 232, Twilight Aud) we will provide a trained student technician to start and run the film for you.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing software provided by Middlebury College. You can host meetings and webinars. Share your screen, record your meetings, and live stream, among many other options.

Video Streaming Request

Please use this form to request streaming video in connection with a course at Middlebury.


Requests for videography support