How to Find Tech Solutions using the Client Portal

You may want “how to” information about a specific tech topic, such as how to add a mailbox in Outlook or how to change your MFA settings if you have a new phone.  This article explains how to search for answers using the Client Portal.


The following steps explain how to find tech instructions using the Client Portal.

  1. Start at Middlebury’s Client Portal --  

  2. Click in the “Search the client portal” field at top right (shown below), then type a word or phrase.  Results having these words in the title will appear as you type.  If desired, press Enter or Return to see a list of results having these words in the article text.  It's that easy!

Search Tips

Here are a few pointers that let you be more precise about what you're seeking.

TDX search field

  • If you hover over the search field, search tips will be displayed!

  • To search for items with an exact match, place double quotes around your text.  

  • To search for items with a specific tag, enter the # symbol followed by the name of the tag.

  • Unless requested otherwise, a list of both Knowledge Base articles and Service pages matching your search criteria will be displayed.  Click the globe icon beside the search field, then choose Knowledge Base if you just want to see "how to" articles.

Globe button drop-down

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