How to Find an ITS Service in TeamDynamix

You may want general information about one of the many ITS Services, such as printing, faxing, or VPN.  You will also use service searches as the starting point for creating requests for help (tickets).  The following steps explain how to search for services in TeamDynamix.

  1. Start at Middlebury’s Client Portal -- 

  2. Click the globe icon beside the search field at top right, then choose Service Catalog from the drop-down menu as shown:

Service Catalog Drop-down List Entry

  1. Type a few words in the search field, then press Enter or Return.  A list of ITS services matching your search criteria will be displayed.

  • To search for items with exact match, place double quotes around your text.  

  • To search for items with a specific tag, enter the # symbol followed by the name of the tag.

  • To change your search to include both services and Knowledge Base articles, select (All) from the drop-down list beside the search field.

Sample Searches

  • In this example, you’ll find information about any services containing at least one of the following words:  global or protect.

Multiple Word Service Search Example


partial search results...

Multiple word search results


  • By comparison, this search will find service information for any that contain the exact phrase global protect.

Exact phrase search example


partial search results…

Exact phrase search result


  • This example shows changing a search to include both services and Knowledge Base articles containing the word “printing.”

Global search and results



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