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This article will help you select the appropriate Middlebury wireless network for your needs and direct you to connection instructions.

Which Best Describes You?

  • I'm a Middlebury College student, faculty, or staff member who wants to use wireless for my computer or phone. (This includes the Language Schools and the Bread Loaf School of English in Vermont)
See MiddleburyCollege Wireless Network for connection instructions.
  • I'm a campus visitor who just needs basic internet access.
Select the MiddleburyGuest wireless network then follow the prompts to accept the certificate and connect.
  • I'm a campus visitor who needs internet access AND also needs to use campus resources such as Canvas or WordPress.
For internet access, select the MiddleburyGuest wireless network then follow the prompts to accept the certificate and connect.

For access to resources, a member of the Middlebury community must request a guest account for you through the Helpdesk.
  • I have a account, but I have a wireless device (such as a gaming console or e-reader) that doesn't let me enter my e-mail and password, only a password.
You will need to register your device, then you can use the Middlebury-IoT Wireless Network.
Please note: After registering your xBox, PlayStation, or other gaming console, please reboot the console and let it reconnect to the Middlebury-IoT WiFi network. 
  • I am a visitor from a participating eduroam institution who wants to use wireless.
Refer to eduroam for connection information.
  • I'm a Middlebury student, faculty, or staff member who will be visiting a participating eduroam institution elsewhere who wants to use wireless.
When you arrive at the participating institution, select the eduroam wireless network and connect using your full Middlebury email address and password. Refer to eduroam for more information.
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