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Campus Network Resource Troubleshooting

Can't see the list of printers with Mobility Print? Getting a Server unavailable message?
On-campus (or VPN) access to Middfiles, Miisfiles, and Papercut printing servers as well as remote desktop connections require a device to use campus DNS servers, and may also not function with certain network privacy features. This article addresses some of the known issues and fixes.

Connect to Wireless

This article contains detailed instructions on how to connect a variety of devices to Middlebury's wireless networks.

Connecting to Middfiles or Miisfiles

Instructions connecting to Middfiles or Miisfiles

Finding Your MAC Address

This article explains what a MAC address is -- and how to find it for your devices.


This article covers the login file entries needed in order to run Gaussian.

Get Started with Wireless

This article will help you select the appropriate Middlebury wireless network for your needs and direct you to connection instructions.

High Performance Computing (HPC): Guidelines and Training

This article contains an overview of High Performance Computing, along with guidelines and training information.

How to Access Middlebury Resources from Off Campus

This article explains the different methods for accessing Middlebury resources from off campus.

Issues accessing Middfiles from VPN

If user is on MacOS, change connection string to smb:// instead of cifs://
Add user to VPNMTU group, and have user "refresh connection" on global protect app.
If connection issues still exists, make changes to turn of multichannel smb:
Also make this change to SMB browsing:

Mac - First Time Login User Guide

This article describes the first time login process on a new, College-issued Mac.

Managing Group Membership and Permissions

This article explains how to change membership in distribution lists (groups) used for email distribution and/or controlling permissions (access).

Middfiles - Contents and Structure

This article describes the contents and structure of the Middfiles server.

Release and Renew IP Address

This article explains how to release and renew your computer's IP address to resolve network connectivity issues.

Tips for Improving a Home Network

This article contains basic steps you can take with your home network that may address Zoom video conference call or class stability issues.

Using Course Folders on the Classes Server

How to use course folders on MiddFiles

Wireless Networks at Middlebury

This article describes the wireless networks available at Middlebury and provides links to connection and troubleshooting instructions.

Wireless Troubleshooting

This article contains troubleshooting steps to follow if you cannot successfully connect your device to Middlebury's wireless network.