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Adobe Creative Cloud

The Creative Cloud suite includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat DC, Premier Pro and many other applications.

Anaconda Python

Programming language for scientific data analysis and visualization, etc. Includes integrated programming environments iPython, Jupyter, and Spyder. Free and open source.

Antivirus Software


GIS Software


Ask a Librarian


Astronomical image processing, data analysis, and data visualization software. Based on ImageJ and using Java. Free and open source.

Audiovisual Integration

Support for and installation of audio / video systems in classrooms, learning spaces, conference rooms and other spaces.

Authentication and Access

Support related to authenticating to services using your Middlebury account


AutoCAD® is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.



ERP/Information Administrative Systems, Institutional Data

Business Process Review and Reengineering

Improve business processes across the organization, including where a process begins and ends, current state process and pain points, process ownership, future process, change impact analysis, cross-functional conflicts and implementation blueprint.


Campus Map (

The official interactive campus maps for Middlebury contain descriptions of buildings on campus, floor plans, and virtual tour, and for visitors.

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR)

The CTLR is a robust academic center that serves College faculty and students in a number of ways

Chem Draw

Draw accurate, chemically-aware, scientific structures.

Classroom Support

Classroom Emergency and Non-Emergency Support

Classroom Technology

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to any storage resources which are hosted off of the Middlebury network

Computer Distribution

Distribution of Mac and Windows laptops to Middlebury employees.

Computer Repair

Request repair on a Middlebury owned device.

Concerto (

Concerto was an image and audio repository allowing for private and public sharing, and cataloging of media. (sunset)

Course Catalog (

The online course catalog at provides full-text and faceted search of Middlebury courses. Students can browse courses, mark them as favorites, and compile these favorites into schedules that can be shared with their advisor. Additionally, this service provides automated, printable exports of the catalog.

Course Hub

The Course Hub provides access to online resources for courses. Instructors can provision new resources with a few clicks and students get links to all the resources associated with each course.


Data Recovery

Davis UWC Scholars (

Website for the Davis United World College Scholars program.

Desktop and Mobile Device Support

General support for computer hardware and mobile devices including tablets and smart phones.

Digital Learning and Inquiry (DLINQ)

Middlebury’s Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry (DLINQ) explores and creates digital practices and spaces that advance the transformative potential of education in students’ lives, and advances digital fluency and critical engagement with the digital at Middlebury. We are a cross-institutional group of instructional designers, digital scholars, and teaching and learning professionals who offer consultations and workshops to faculty, staff, and students at Middlebury.

Digital Signage



E Fax is similar to traditional fax but allows for faxes to be sent and received via e-mail without requiring a traditional analog fax machine.

Email and Calendaring

Email is an electronic messaging service available to all Middlebury faculty, staff and students

Emergency Notification System

Employee Onboarding

New employees need access to technology to begin their work at Middlebury.


Software for analyzing behavioral research


E-Signature using Adobe Sign allows for the creation of fillable forms which can be sent for digital signature.

Event Recording

If you are hosting a live academic event, and you would like it to be recorded, we provide video recording. After the event, we will do some minor edits to the video, add titles and lower thirds, and then upload the video online to one of our video storage services.

Event Support

Media Services provides support for Academic Events associated with media technology. We provide microphones, proper lighting adjustments, and projection support.


Final Draft

Software to write and format a screenplay to meet industry submission standards


General Helpdesk Support

Use this option for general helpdesk support questions.

General IT Consulting

General IT technology need that requires consultation from ITS.

General Software Support

General software support including troubleshooting and distribution of software on Middlebury owned computers.


Command-line shell. Free and open source. Provided by Git for Windows version control system.

Git for Windows

Version control system. Free and open source. Provides Git BASH command-line-shell.

GitHub (

GitHub is a web-based code management system, primarily used by ITS and Communications staff.

For requests related to Github for EDU, please see: Teaching and Learning → Academic Technology and Support → GitHub for EDU (

GitHub for EDU (

GitHub is a web-based code management system. GitHub for EDU is a program offered by GitHub that provides students and instructors with free or discounted 3rd party tools like app hosting and continuous integration services. Additionally, it allows instructors to create GitHub Classroom spaces for assignments and classroom collaboration.

Global Protect VPN Client

VPN client used to connect Middlebury clients to network resrouces

GO (,

GO is a URL shortening service with which you can create a shortcut (e.g. go/webhelp) and have it redirect to another page.

Google Analytics (

Google Analytics, part of Google's Marketing Platform, is a web-based analytics tool used to understand and optimize search engine and advertising activity and offer basic insight into content engagement on Middlebury's websites.


Hardware and Device Encryption

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the aggregation of computing power and memory to perform complex calculations in parallel, increasing the speed and efficiency of computer simulations and data analysis.


Instant Messaging

Any software tools which facilitate collaboration


Automated systems integrations, data integrations, 3rd party connectors,
Oracle Fusion
Terra Dotta
Sierra (formerly Millenium)
Course Catalog
Course Hub
Parking System
Mentor IRB
Sentry MD
Oracle - HCM and Finance
Perceptive Content

Interlibrary Loan

IT Project Management

Request support for an IT related project. Project management of ITS supported projects including full project management, project documentation and project mentoring.

IT Service Management

TeamDynamix is used for IT Service Management



Jabber is a soft phone client which allows Middlebury employees to make and receive calls via a computer or smart phone


Learning Management System / Canvas

A learning management system (LMS) is a platform that can be used for creating course websites, online quizzes, exams, and forums.


Middlebury libraries support a high-level academic interaction among our faculty, staff, and students across all our schools and programs. The libraries offer a wide range of support services.

Library Services

Middlebury's Libraries offer a wide array of services, including reserves, interlibrary loan, circulation, instruction, reference, digitization, digital scholarship consultations, and more.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a fabulous video-based online instruction resource that is available to all academic year faculty, staff, and students, both here and at Monterey. You can learn new skills to help at school, work or home by watching short, 2 to 3-minute movies or by working through an entire course.

Live Streaming Support

If you are hosting a live, academic event that you would like to have live streamed, we can provide this service. Many times it goes hand-in-hand with video record and/or video conferencing events, but it can be a service provided all on its own.



Mathematics Software to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems.


Ideal for use in engineering, mathematics, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, and a wide range of other fields, it makes possible a new level of automation in algorithmic computation, interactive manipulation, and dynamic presentation.


Software used for machine learning, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, communications, computational finance, control design, robotics, and much more.

Media Equipment Request

Check out of loaner media equipment for class use.

MediaWiki (

MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia, allows users to collaboratively edit web content in a site referred to as a “wiki”.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, OneNote


Middlebury Accounts and Passwords

Information regarding Middlebury accounts and passwords

Middlebury IT Training

There is specific training that our IT staff provide for the campus and internally to our technicians and student technicians.

Middlebury Magazine (

The Middlebury Magazine website provides online access to selected content from the printed publication, digital-first articles, as well as video and podcast content.

Middlebury Websites (

The infrastructure and functionality of our public websites at This includes our institutional site as well as our schools sites at /college, /institute, /language-schools, /school-english, /schools-abroad, and /writers-conferences.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication works by requiring a secondary form of identification after a successful login.

Multimedia Support and Editing

This service is for academic uses only. If you have video files (Old VHS tapes, DVDs, etc) you would like digitized and put online in a secure location, we can convert these files for you. 

If you have video files you would like made into a formal video for your academic program/class, we can create short videos for you with our professional editing software.

MyEmma (

MyEmma is an email management service to support marketing communications with external audiences.


New England Review Website (

The New England Review website provides online access to selected content from the printed publication, digital-first articles, as well as information on events and access to subscription services.


Solftware used for qualitative data analysis

NVivo for Teams

Software for group collaboration on complex research projects with large volumes of data


Omeka (

Omeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections

On Premise Storage

On premise file storage refers to any storage resources which are hosted by Middlebury such as Middfiles, MIISfiles or any departmental or discipline specific storage repositories.

Online Directory (,

The Online Directory provides the Middlebury community with a web-based platform for contact information and web-service feeds which populate directory information on the main websites.

Online Forms

An online form allows for data collection through a web interface.

Online journals and databases


Perceptive Content

Enterprise content management.

Peripheral Support

Request support for peripheral devices, including monitors, mice, keyboards, dongles, cables and other common computer peripheral equipment.


Reporting and business intelligence tool

Printing and Printers

Request help with a printer on the Middlebury campus or with questions or issues printing from your device.



Qualtrics allows users to design online surveys that can be shared with a variety of participants.


R Studio

R is a language and and R Studio an environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Requirements and Business Analysis

Requirements and business analysis services to ensure IT associated projects provide the most benefit to the organization, including objectives, outcomes, efforts, models, documentation and change management.


Rikert Nordic Center Website (

The Rikert Nordic Center website provides information, opening times, conditions, and other general information for the community. Ticket sales and the online store are handled through a separate Shopify storefront, and not supported here.



Customer Relationship Management System.

SAOImage DS9

Astronomical image processing, data analysis, and data visualization software. Free and open source.

Scan and Copy

Middlebury supports scanning and copying via our multi-function printers which are spread throughout the Middlebury and Monterey campuses.

Screening Support

If you have a film you would like to show on campus in one of the
designated theaters,(Dana Aud, Axinn 232, Twilight Aud) we will provide a trained student technician to start and run the film for you.

Secure Cloud Storage

Security Consulting and Education

Security Incident Response and Investigation

Offerings that respond to, remediate, and seek to prevent security incidents and vulnerabilities.

Server Management

Server management refers to the management of on premise or cloud server resources used for Middlebury operations.

Service Catalog (

Former service catalog. Entries are moving into TeamDynamix.


Music notation software

SiteImprove (

SiteImprove scans the website and reports broken links, misspellings, and accessibility issues to the people who maintain each part of the site.

Snow Bowl Website (

The Middlebury College Snow Bowl website provides information, opening times, conditions, and other general information for the community. Ticket sales and the online store are handled through a separate Shopify storefront, and not supported here.

Software Evaluation and Acquisition

Software evaluation and acquisition refers to the evaluation, purchase and distribution of software purchased with Middlebury funds.

Special Collections and Archives


SPSS is a software package used for interactive, or batched, statistical analysis.


Stata is a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.

Subject Guides (



Support for telephony and components of the telephone system including audio conferencing and soft phone software.


Unofficial Transcript Support

For official transcripts, please visit


Vendor Assessment and Review

Vendor assessments and reviews, including security surveys and vendor questionnaires, digital accessibility, contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements reviews.

Video Captioning

Video captioning refers to the addition of text captions to video files

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing software provided by Middlebury College. You can host meetings and webinars. Share your screen, record your meetings, and live stream, among many other options.

Video Streaming / MiddMedia

MiddMedia was an audio/video storage and streaming service hosted by Middlebury. It was developed and supported by ITS with the goal of providing high quality video streaming for both academic and administrative needs. It is being retired and should no longer be used.

Video Streaming / Panopto

Video streaming refers to the hosting and playback of video content. Panopto is a video storage service that everyone with a Middlebury email account has access to.

Video Streaming Request

Please use this form to request streaming video in connection with a course at Middlebury.

Virtual and Remote Desktops

Service related to any virtualized desktop computing environment or remotely accessed desktops. Includes Apporto, Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure Lab Services and and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) related support

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network connection allows off-campus devices to securely access on-campus resources


Web Forms (

This Drupal-based web form system is being retired. Please migrate your forms to one of our supported forms solutions.

Wired Network Connectivity and Jack Activation

Middlebury has a wired network infrastructure which extends to the majority of building and rooms on campus.

Wireless Network Connectivity

WordPress (

The network provides WordPress site creation and hosting to the Middlebury community for course or personal use.

WordPress (

The network provides WordPress site creation and hosting capabilities to the Middlebury Institute community for course or personal use.